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Oct 7th,2016,Dalin group factory is full with drums,gongs and pennant.Today, is a special day that all of our Henan Dalin colleagues looking forward to -- The completion celebration and summarize to July 9th flood that Henan Dalin’s restoring and reconstruction of the first phase of the project.
July 9th, the Sudden flood brought down the  east wall of our company, 2 meters deep flood surged over our plant, the entire plant, office area were soaked. Products, semi-finished products,raw materail,equipment,test equipment were washed away or soaked. just in few hours, the flood creat a lot of loss to Dalin group. flood is merciless.but Dalin staff has love.all the staff and leaders went to plant to search and rescue the company property.the Chariman Lingfang Hou held an emergency meeting to arrange the work of flood-fighting and made a promise to staff that we  will not let our comapmy be destoryed by flood,instead, we will bulid our plant more beautiful and more comfortable.
From that moment on,all the staff worked day and night,We make sure the normal power only in 3 days, and part of production within 10 days.in the three months,we reconstruction the workshop of pneumatic clutch and Altra disc air tube 1,400 square metres and warehouse 3,200 square metres.also rebulid the groud 3,700 square metres and replace the line 2,100 metres.these are the results we have,we Dalin pepole creat the miracle together.
Meantime,we also thanks for the help and support from society, our partners,family and friends.in here, Dalin people are grateful for your sincere care and help when we were in danger. 
Riview the rebulid after disater in the last three months,we believe that we will be fearless even if faced with  obstacles and difficulties in the following days. let us move in hand, unite together, Dalin will have a better tomorrow.




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