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Dalin Group 2015 working conference

Time:2017-03-15 10:06:08Pageview:2411次
At 4 PM in the afternoon of Mar 8th,2015,Dalin group factory have much fanfare with firecrackers.the annual conference of 2015 begin with an atmosphere of friendship and happiness.all leaders of each department attend the meeting,and the leaders of Chengguan Town were invited to attend the meeting too.
At the meeting, the town leader gave us a highly praise Dalin in development and contributions to society. at last,the Chairman Linfang Hou made the closeing remarks and encouraged staff deeply that the clapping continued for a long time.
After meeting,all the staff dinner together and watching the art show.we can see smiling faces everywhere in our factory, i am so proud of being a memeber of Dalin team, Dalin will be better and better.




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